Conference activities will begin on Monday, June 27, with pre-conference sessions, including what we are calling Interdisciplinary Huddles, for attendees who would look forward to engaging in specially moderated small-group discussions (no more than five in each) with a prime directive of getting researchers from diverse scholarly and practical backgrounds to talk to one another. (For maximum benefit, interested attendees should register in advance, although there is no added charge.) The Conference will open officially in the afternoon with a brief welcome from Conference Fool, Little John Nee – whose song, ‘The World Brings Fools Together’, provides the informal tag line for our gathering – followed by the Presidential Address. Attendees are then invited to a wine reception in the historic Long Room of Trinity’s Old Library, with its vaulted ceilings and age-old holdings. Following the wine reception, there will be a showing of the film: Cold Snow Losers: Open Mic at the Edge of America.


Tuesday, June 28 to Friday, July 1 will be full conference days with plenary sessions, panel discussions, practice-based workshops, installations and paper sessions.

conference banquet will be held on Wednesday night in Trinity’s Hogwart’s-like Dining Hall, with a dinner scheduled for the final night at a local eatery. A special performance event is being produced in association with the conference on Thursday night, June 30, titled, Laughter in Our Bones: A Comic Cultural Buffet, offering short, classic comic pieces from Dublin’s range of ethnic communities along with several Irish sub-cultures, within a free-moving, fairground atmosphere. Other events will include a limerick competition as a variation on the yearly joke contest.


The 2016 ISHS conference invites research papers, symposia, and workshops under the general theme of Humor as Embodied Practice (Any queries on the suitability of proposals can be directed to the conference email address.). The deadline for submissions will be March 31, 2016, and abstracts will not be accepted prior to formal online registration. Please note: The year, 2016, marks an important date in the Republic of Ireland’s history, and so there will be many commemorative events taking place in Dublin at the time of the conference. It is therefore advisable to make travel plans and book accommodations sooner rather than later.

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Humor as Embodied Practice

Long Room, Trinity College Dublin

Dining Hall, Trinity College Dublin

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